How You Can Diagnose And Treat Fatigue

Fatigue and chronic tiredness are becoming too prevalent in our hectic way of living. Yet, few people are really aware of the differences between short term tiredness and genuine fatigue. That lack of awareness can be debilitating and harmful.

Tiredness is something that affects a large percentage of the population at some point in time because so many things will affect and can cause a disruption of the primary tool available to humans to combat tiredness and fatigue: sleep.

Periods of tiredness can be temporary bouts of a lack of energy. Short term illnesses like colds and influenza inevitably leave us feeling tired for a time. Overwork and late nights are something virtually everyone experiences on occasion. Short term tiredness can be cured by simply getting enough rest and fostering good sleep patterns. . There are several ways to help improve your sleeping patterns.

However, your first step is to evaluate whether you have a short term condition or are suffering from genuine long term fatigue. Take a good look at yourself and honestly analyze your lifestyle. We do so much harm to ourselves that can bear negative consequences.

Irregular sleep patterns — especially if you have not been getting enough hours in bed — will cause you to be tired. Tiredness also can come from overwork and from too much stress. It can even be caused by the exact opposite of stress and activity. It can even be caused by low morale or self esteem. If you have been out of work or inactive over a period, you can also suffer tiredness. You've heard the old axiom: And active body stays in motion; a sedentary one tends to stay inert.

The first step in treatment is to make sure that you get adequate rest, and that it also is of sufficient quality. Every adult needs at least six hours of sleep per day, and many require more rest. Far too many people flop into bed at night having had a hard day at work followed by loud, stimulating TV shows or movies, video games, and/or social activity.

Many of us tend to go to bed without any time allowed for minds to unwind and our bodies to get into a relaxed state before attempting sleep . We need that sleep for our physical regeneration. If you have been using stimulants like caffeine or energy drinks during the day, they will assuredly disturb your sleep patterns at night. Fresh air is important, too. It's much more healthy than stale, inside air.

If getting enough rest and fresh air fails to help you to feel better quickly, then you may have a long term medical or medical fatigue condition. This can either be a fatigue condition in itself, such as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis), or it can be symptomatic of another underlying condition. You can find more information on those long-term fatigue conditions and how to cope with them within this Web site.

If you are not resting, it is crucial that you seek specialist medical advice.

Why? Possible underlying conditions of fatigue could include blood disorders, heart disease and cancer.

The treatments that are available for fatigue depend on the diagnosis and its underlying cause. Your first step is to get adequate rest. Simply put, you must have enough hours in bed. And one way to help insure that is to you relax properly before your head rests on a pillow.

Fresh air and exercise are also a great help in fighting all forms of tiredness, as long as exercise is not carried to excess or within three hours before bedtime. A revision of dietary habits is often neessary, to ensure that enough proper nutrients are consumed and processed. The most important factor in diagnosing your condition is to avoid chemical stimulants, as they will definitely aggravate your fatigue.

This site has the information that you need to address the specific causes and apply sound solutions for recovering from tiredness and fatigue. Explore it now and explore it often to obtain sound recommendations for finding your lost energy and stamina. Come back often, as the site is updated regularly.


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