How Adrenal Fatigue Can Be Diagnosed And Treated

Adrenal fatigue is one of many related conditions which the medical profession has largely ignored. There has been far too great a tendency among doctors to dismiss any signs of tiredness as just being a temporary condition, which can be treated simply by getting more rest. In many cases, this is exactly what is wrong with the patient, and they will quickly recover once they give their bodies a chance to recuperate. However, it is dangerous to dismiss all people feeling tired in this way, because there genuinely are underlying conditions which can cause symptoms of fatigue.

The symptoms of a possible adrenal fatigue are very similar to those experienced by people who are simply run down and tired, which makes the diagnosis considerably more difficult. There are, however, some possible tell tale signs to look out for. If you know that you have been overworking, or simply not getting enough sleep, then it is more than likely that you will only have a short term problem. The same usually applies if you have been taking in stimulants which stress the body. If, though, your intake of salt and sugar feels almost necessary for you to get through the day, you may well have a more serious underlying problem.

The tendency to consume too many stimulants and too much salt and sugar is one which itself reinforcing, as the body will be stressed by the experience. This leaves you feeling that you need even more of the substances to see you through. In the case of simple tiredness, rest and exercise will result in a quick recovery as the stimulants leave the body. If this cannot happen because the need for the stimulants is too great, then it is definitely time to seek medical attention.

There are many possible reasons for a condition of lethargy which persists in this way. For an accurate diagnosis to be made, it will be necessary to give the body adequate sleep and proper nutrition. Once this has been done, test can be carried out to eliminate possible causes by serious, life threatening conditions. Even heart disease and cancer can cause symptoms of fatigue. Tests will also be carried out throughout the body, including on the glands.

If you are shown to have possible adrenal fatigue, it will be essential to ease yourself off the stimulants. To do this, you will need to make your lifestyle as gentle as possible. Getting enough sleep lays the foundation for the possible recovery of the body, as it removes the need for additional harmful stimulants to be taken. Start by adopting a healthy diet, even if you cannot cut out the stimulants just yet. The nutrients will help your body cope, and hasten the time where this will be possible. When you can cut stimulants out, you know you are coping well with adrenal fatigue.


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