How You Can Fight Depression Fatigue And Feel Better Fast

Fatigue from depression is one of the most difficult entrenchments of tiredness that you will ever deal with. It can be hard to come to grips with it because your motivation to confront depression is limited by the illness itself. Yet, by knowing this ahead of time and a few things about what could cause depression fatigue will arm you to deal with whenever it may set in. This knowledge will also help you help others whom you determine may be suffering from depression fatigue.

Causes can be difficult to isolate, especially if they relate to food allergens or a lack of Vitamin D production from sunlight. Should you suspect food allergens, it is necessary to eliminate individual foods from a diet to determine if any improvement ensues. A patient can also become depressed when they are going through a very difficult time in their life, and could be in need of psychiatric therapy.

Depression caused by a reaction to certain foods is more common than many suspect. Even when it is suspected, it is difficult to isolate the food that is responsible. Don't be deceived that the obvious culprit is alcohol, although that should definitely be avoided by anyone who is depressed. More often the trigger is something present in normal food, like an additive. Food additives are a controversial subject all by themselves. The chemicals in them can create completely unsuspected reactions in different people. Study is ongoing into their potential effects.

Lack of light, whether natural sunlight or artificial, can be a definite cause of depression in most people. Simple fact is that our bodies require a certain amount of light to function properly. Lack of exposure to brightness can also make you feel very tired. There are many people who live in temperate zones who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, which is closely related to depression fatigue. In climates with harsh winters, it is inadvisable to spend more time outside than you have to. If that's not possible, the issue can be treated with light machines and lamp fixtures with the proper bulbs.

Even though it is not always possible to make an exact diagnosis of the cause of depression and extreme tiredness, there are certain things you can always do to reduce its effects. Getting adequate sleep is a great help. But, if you are depressed that can be difficult to achieve. The best way to help yourself is to try to spend some time in a natural environment before you go to bed. Whatever you do, avoid anything which affects the brainwaves, things such as video games, cell phones, loud music, or TV set in at least the two hours before you plan to retire.

Getting enough sleep of the right quality is the number-one benefit in fighting depression fatigue. The other crucially important factor is to avoid chemical depressants, with alcohol top of the list, foods that may contain additives. Avoid excess fat and sugar, too. If you completely overhaul your diet, there is every chance that you will be cutting out something which was not very good for you anyway. If there was an allergen responsible for your depression, you may cut it out without even discovering what it was. In any case, getting the right nutrients is vitally important when combating depression fatigue.


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