What You Need To Do If You Feel Dizzy And Lightheaded

Dizzy and lightheaded feelings are very common in our modern working environment, where so many of us are constantly subjected to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and computer screens, and where we have to put up with the artificial glare of fluorescent lighting. Add on a tendency to survive on fast food which is devoid of the nutrients we need, and you can see why we have such an epidemic. Most dizziness is a short term phenomenon, caused by a lack of blood to the brain, and is quickly corrected. In some cases, though, there will be a more serious underlying condition.

The best immediate treatment of the situation depends on the situation. There are times when an emergency 911 call should be put through, and these include when there are headaches, convulsions or vomiting, and where there are severe pains in the chest or heart. If you are short of breath, excessively drowsy, or have blurred vision or incoherent speech, immediate attention should be sought. A doctor can be called if you have never had dizziness before, or if you believe that medical drugs may be the cause of the problem.

If you are just having mild light headed dizzy feelings, you could try to lie down so that you are encouraging blood to flow to your head. If you can actually get your feet to be above the level of your head, so much the better. All you need to do to achieve this is put some small object under the feet of a bed at one end. The bed does not need to tilt very far, it is just better if there is a small slope to the head. You can also try to drink fluids to help the problem. Sip them slowly, don't gulp. If you start feeling worse, get medical attention.

When you go to a doctor saying “I feel lightheaded”, you are usually asked about whether you have suffered significant anxiety or stress in recent times, as well as obviously your medical history. There is a large clue here as to possible causes of dizziness. Anything which sets up an unnecessary strain on the body's systems can have this effect. It can happen when you are going through an exceptionally traumatic period in your life, or it can be the cumulative effect of exposure to radiation.

It is important to make other people aware if you have light headed dizzy spells. If you suddenly feel extremely dizzy and lightheaded for no apparent reason, you may not have time to react quickly enough to summon the help you need. It is inadvisable to be alone for extended periods of time. You need to always be in a position to summon help if you suddenly feel incredibly dizzy and lightheaded.


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