What To Do If You Experience Headaches And Tiredness Together

Headaches and tiredness together can be coincidental, or they can be a combined symptom of something very serious which will need immediate medical attention. Both symptoms on their own are common enough, and virtually everyone will have suffered from at least one of them at some stage. They can obviously be symptomatic of something more serious, and if they persist they should be checked out by a medical doctor. The two together should definitely be checked out, unless it is obvious that they have been caused by a temporary factor such as binge drinking and late nights.

A headache can be caused by several different factors, and one of the most common is dehydration. If you have been overworking or working in extremely hot conditions, you may experience a headache if you have not been able to take in enough water. This is not something to play games with, as the consequences can be serious. Hydrate the body properly as soon as you can. A headache can also be a symptom of something far more serious, including brain cancer. If you have a stubborn headache or one which keeps returning, get a medical examination as soon as possible.

Tiredness can be fleeting, or it can simply refuse to go away. If you have been overworking, not working hard enough, or if you have been surviving on a poor diet for a long time, you can feel tired and listless. Often, recovery is swift once the mind is able to sleep and rest, and the body is able to take in the nutrients it needs to function properly. If tiredness persists beyond this stage, there may be something more seriously wrong, so seek out medical attention. Chronic fatigue syndrome is now accepted by the medical establishment as a serious condition.

When headaches and tiredness occur together, it can be a symptom of a short term toxic condition in the body which will respond quickly to treatment. This applies if you have been drinking and indulging in late nights too often in too short a period, as well as living on junk food. A simple program of rest, detoxification and fresh air will lead to a quick recovery. If you know you have done nothing to warrant the symptoms you are suffering, or if they are persisting despite treatments, you may have a more serious condition.

If you have headaches and tiredness together, and have tried the simple formula to get rid of them, it is definitely time to get a proper medical diagnosis carried out. Even if the news is the worst and you have cancer, it is much better to find out early. Cancer can now be treated, and many thousands of people are surviving it to live again. The earlier you catch it, the better your chances, so don't ignore signs of headaches and tiredness.


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