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Overcoming fatigue is something which can seem impossible to the long term sufferer, and in many cases it is extremely difficult. There are many different causes of fatigue, and not every treatment will work in all cases. There are some cases of fatigue which are caused by deeper underlying causes, which is why you must consult a physician if you have fatigue which is stubborn and is not leaving. You could have heart disease or even cancer, which while they are terrible conditions they can be treated if you are fast enough. Many of the common tiredness treatments will relieve symptoms even in these cases, but they are really effective at dealing with genuine fatigue.

There are basically three steps to overcoming fatigue. The first is to ensure that you get enough rest, and enough exercise. The two must be in balance. Then, there needs to be a sound revision of your dietary habits to ensure that anything which is putting undue strain on the body is eliminated. Finally, you can ensure that you take in the right quantities of important vitamins and minerals to help the body maintain immunity and cope with necessary stress.

Achieving the right balance of rest and exercise is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Firstly, you need to be able to ensure that your sleep is of a high enough quality. Simply spending hours in bed is not enough. You can improve the quality of your sleep by relaxing and unwinding in advance of going to bed. Avoid the TV, cell phones and computers, and instead go outside into nature. Even if you can only stand outside your door and breathe air, you will still be relaxing your mind.

You should notice a dramatic improvement very quickly if you can give your brain adequate rest and recuperation. You should then be in the right frame of mind to tackle one of the most important issues of all, diet. Whether this will be a hard nut to crack or not will depend on where you are starting from. If you are already eating a relatively healthy diet, it should be a relatively simple matter to make a few changes. If you have more to do, it will probably take longer, but you can still get there.

Proper nutrition is essential in overcoming fatigue because it allows the body to function as it should. Make sure you get the right balance of the macro-nutrients, and cut down on processed food which is too rich in saturated fat, salt and refined sugar. These can affect the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. At this stage, you should be doing really well, but you can go still further by supplementing your diet with vitamins. The B complex is especially helpful, and can play a major part in your successfully overcoming fatigue.


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