Do You Often Ask “Do You Know Why I Am Tired?”

“Do you know why I am tired?” This question is asked an increasing number of times every week in our frantic and incredibly busy society. The simple answer is there is no way of immediately knowing, as there are several different possible causes which could lead to the same symptoms being displayed. Often, you will have some idea based on your lifestyle and habits, but in many other cases tiredness comes as a total surprise. It can be an isolated problem which will respond quickly to treatment, or it could be a symptom of something far more serious. The problem needs to be properly diagnosed.

Rest is nearly always prescribed as a cure for tiredness, and this is often exactly what is needed. There are cases, though, where tiredness is caused by too much relaxation in the first place. It is more accurate to say that tiredness can be treated by getting the balance right between rest and exercise. Any excess of one combined with the absence of the other is likely to cause a physical reaction sooner or later. This, then, is the first step. Make sure you get enough quality sleep and enough gentle exercise, as these will help with any tiredness condition.

The most simple of fatigue causes are temporary conditions where the body has been subjected to too much exertion. Either you have been working too hard, or for too long at a time. Maybe you have not been getting enough sleep or the right nutrients? In many cases, these problems are actually exacerbated by the short term expedient of using caffeine or other stimulants, which give a temporary boost at the expense of the long term health of the immune system.

The faster you tackle these problems, the easier they will be to deal with. When caffeine consumption has become a long term habit, it is much harder to overcome. When you have given a healthy lifestyle a few weeks to see how much it helps, you should be feeling noticeably better. If you are not, then it is definitely time to see a physician and find out if there are more serious causes for fatigue in your case. This can be anything from cancer and heart disease to chronic fatigue syndrome.

If you are still saying “I don't know why I am tired”, there may be a more serious problem. The earlier this is diagnosed and treated the better, especially if it is symptomatic of cancer. Whatever the causes for fatigue, the condition can be eased by following the right lifestyle and diet and cutting out unwanted stimulants. The more serious fatigue causes will need additional treatments, including drugs. Get your condition diagnosed for proper treatment, as at least you can then say “I now know why I am tired.”


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